We'll Keep a Welcome

Far away a voice is calling,
Bells from memory chime
Come home again, come home again,
They call through the oceans of time.
We'll keep a welcome in the hillside.
We'll keep a welcome in the Vales
This land you knew will still be singing
When you come home again to Wales.
This land of song will keep a welcome
And with a love that never fails,
Well kiss away each hour of hiraeth
When you come home again to Wales.
Black Mountains
Performed by Bryn Terfel
Our Society celebrated St David's Day with a in
Sarasota where the servers agreed to dress up in
Welsh National costume.  At first, the young people
thought it a great source of entertainment but soon
entered into the spirit of things and looked splendid
as they went about their duties waiting tables and
being photographed.
The Welsh theme was carried through
with the banqueting hall being decorated
in red and green with plenty of evidence
of Y Ddraig Goch.  We named each table
in both Welsh and English after the
original thirteen counties of Wales.  This
proved to be quite a talking point as the
non Welsh speakers tried to pronounce
some of the names.
Thursday, March 1, 2012
High School charmed us with their
manner.  It is very refreshing to
see young people so dedicated to
their singing as well as
concentrating on their academic
The choir formed around 20 years
ago and the current Director, wife,
Whitney, is only the 2nd Director
in its history.  The students range
between Grades 9 - 12 and are
required to practice for 1 hour
every single day after school.
Grand raffle.  This generated a lot of interest
and raised a large amount of money for the
Scholarship Fund.  Eight local businesses
contributed high-end prizes.  Please click the
'Newsletter' button for a full list of
contributors and prizes.
After the welcome messages by Meryl Fell in English
and David Rees in Welsh we sang two National
Anthems.  The Invocation was given by Bob Griffiths
and this was followed by a five course dinner which
everyone thoroughly enjoyed.
celebration would be complete without
our Group Singing.  Don Hughes and
Jack Lewis led us in rousing form
through our beautiful Welsh hymns.
The new Board of Directors for 2012 was introduced and bouquets presented to Amy Ferrell, Sandra
Rees and Muriel Patram.   A special award was given to David Rees for his work, not only with his help
with the Banquet but for his continued dedication to the Society over the years.  
The evening ended on a high with Mae Hen
Wlad Fy Nhadau and everyone agreed the
event was a great success, befitting our