We'll Keep a Welcome

Far away a voice is calling,
Bells from memory chime
Come home again, come home again,
They call through the oceans of time.
We'll keep a welcome in the hillside.
We'll keep a welcome in the Vales
This land you knew will still be singing
When you come home again to Wales.
This land of song will keep a welcome
And with a love that never fails,
Well kiss away each hour of hiraeth
When you come home again to Wales.
Black Mountains
Performed by Bryn Terfel
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Annual Meeting and
Gymanfa Ganu
What a turn-out we had at our first ever Gymanfa
Ganu which took place at the Glenridge on Palmer
Ranch, Sarasota.  About 60 people attended the
Gymanfa and we sang a good selection of Welsh
hymns, singing both in Welsh and in English.
We were pleasantly surprised by the number of
people who had wonderful singing voices.  The
sopranos soaring with the high notes,
complimented by the alto, tenor and bass voices.
The afternoon was rounded off by taking care of the
Society's business which was led by President Amy Ferrell.  
The Agenda included reports from the previous Annual
Meeting, a round up of Society activities during 2014 and
information about forecoming events.
Peg, John, Meg and Judy
Two members who passed away last year were
remembered.  The eulogy for Rodger Lewis was
read by Amy Ferrell and the eulogy for Barbara
Jane Rhodes was read by Meryl Fell.
Seated: Ronnie, Rhianon, Pat and Richard
Standing: Cathie
Dor and Bob Brown
The Garrison Family
The Two Sopranos
Bronwen and Renny
President Amy welcoming the Guests
Magnificent Raffle Prizes
Thank You to all our Sponsors
Wonderful being served by this lovely
lady in a Welsh costume
Scholarship Display showing past and
present recipients from the Fund
Dianne & Colin
Margaret and her daughter, Cerys
Entertaining us with their beautiful singing
Cassie and mother, Sandra
Shake 'em raffle tickets up
Guest Singers, our
Banquet  Entertainment
Display at Selby Library
Downtown Sarasota
Display at Fruitville Library
Meg, Meryl, Bonnie and Amy
Bob (Robert), Bill and Al
Sarasota Welsh Society
Out in the Community
Kathy, Meg and Judy
Later the group enjoyed
tea and cakes at Mary
Margaret's Tea Rooms
in downtown Arcadia.
On May 25th, the Sarasota
Welsh Society was  honoured to
attend the Memorial Day Service
at Arcadia which pays tribute to
the air cadets who lost their lives
while training during World War II.
If you have any photographs you want to share,
please send them to sarasotawelsh@yahoo.com,
or merylfell@hotmail.com and we will include them
on our website.
As part of our Outreach
Programme we displayed two
wonderful exhibits at local
libraries bringing awareness
of Wales and the Welsh

The exhibits were in situ
throughout the month of
February and served as an
excellent advertisement for the
up and coming St David's Day
Dinner at the Red Lobster restaurant in Sarasota was followed by Geoffrey Pool's history lesson on King Richard III and the
battle in which he lost his life, the mystery of where his remains were buried, and the surprising discovery of his skeleton
under the carpark in Leicester, England, where Geoffrey had often parked his car.  

For over 30 years, our celebrated artist, Olwen Hughes Pool, has provided weekly illustrated articles to their Leicester
newspaper.  This winter she spent many days writing and drawing her submissions focused on events in the life of King
Richard III in both the historical and the current life of Leicester, her home community.  She explained her collage of
drawings which had been published in Leicester, where there was great jubilation about this discovery and finally the
decision to inter his remains in their local cathedral.  Imagine her surprise when she was invited to see the actual skeleton
of King Richard III!  

She and Geoffrey could not return to Sarasota this year in time for our March 1 celebration due to her obligations during
the time of the reburial, which she was expected to document with stories and drawings.  She explained that her portrait of
Richard showed him holding the crown, not wearing it, because
as Olwen explained, he was not the legitimate king but he
appropriated the position after the death of his under-age prince nephews for whom he was guardian.
On Saturday, May 2 County Commissioner Alan Maio declared
May to be Historic Preservation Month at a reception held at
Historic Spanish Point.  Olwen Hughes Pool was the guest speaker
and also was honored for her impressive talent which she has
shared with her Florida community.

We admired her many drawings of historic Sarasota locations in
addition to the gift of her drawings of all of the Historic Spanish
Point buildings, now mounted and framed and hanging in the Visitor
Center there.  

She presented a copy of the famous 'Kiss' statue on the Sarasota
waterfront to the County Commission, and her recent drawing of the
new Gulf Gate Library to Sarabeth Kalajian, the Director of
Libraries and Historical Resources for Sarasota.
Olwen with her
'Kiss' line drawing
Geoffrey delivering his
lecture on the history of
Richard III
Olwen presenting her
line-drawing of the new
Gulf Gate Library to the
Red Lobster
History of Richard III
Presentation of Olwen's Artwork
Our first Sunday Brunch of
the season got off to a
good start with 32 people

We plan to continue these
meetings throughout the
summer, so come along
and enjoy the 'Hwyl'.
This ever popular event drew even more people than
John Garrison was the song master and he was
accompanied on the piano by his wife, Mona.  Their
three children also sang, making this a real family affair.
All in all this event was a real treat and will
live on long in our memories.  Our first
Gymanfa Ganu proved to be very popular
and its success will ensure it will continue
for years to come.
After the Cymanfa Ganu we had an
opportunity to socialise and catch up with
friends, old and new, before enjoying a
wonderful meal provided by Glenridge.
Marilyn, Nancy & Robert
Don Hughes with Y Ddraig Goch
Can you tell which is which!  
David J, Eleanor, Sue & John
Kate, Chuck, Pattie, MJ & Carol
Seated: Jo, Cathie, Alex, Anne
Standing: Don, Ronnie
Sunday Brunch on August 30th at Turtles Restaurant, Sarasota was another
great success with over 30 people attending.  We were happy to welcome some
new faces and hope they will join us at future events.  Amy put all our names in a
hat to draw for prizes and the winners were delighted!  Another fun event.
Please address all
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PO Box 19343
Gulf Gate Post Office
Sarasota, FL 34276
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Early Evening Dinner
at ....
You only have to look at the smiling faces in these
photographs to see what a good time we had at
Cafe Baci.  It was a great opportunity not only to
celebrate the birthdays of two of our members but
to welcome many new faces.  Our next event will be
the Annual Picnic on October 25th, so be sure to
sign up for that.
Details on the 'Home' page.
Click on the 'Photo Album' tab to see more
photographs of this even
Three generations celebrating Wales
Kathy, Muriel and Kim
Don & Barbara
Annual Picnic
The adorable Garrison children
entertaining us with Welsh songs
Croquet, one of the many games
Our amazing chefs, David & Sandra
Food, Glorious Food
Geoffrey & Barbara checking out our
music books
Nancy & Martha
Kim, Don & Ronnie
Don't we just love singing!
Dorothy McDaniel with daughter Pat
Chefs taking a break with
Penny & Barbara
The last Sunday in October featured our Annual Picnic.  This ever popular event gives us the opportunity to welcome back our friends from the north as they begin to settle in Florida
for the coming winter months.  We had games for the young, and not so young, as well as our favourite Welsh songs which we always sing with such enthusiasm.  Of course, we cannot
forget the food - and, again, a wonderful banquet was provided by the Society with the addition of dishes to share from all who attended.  So, mark your calendars for next year's Picnic
but, in the meantime, check out all the coming events organised for 2016.
Meryl & Bill
MJ & Rhianon
Muriel & Emily
Judy & Husband with Meg & Herb
Rhianon, Muriel & Clara
Cathy & Anne
Pat & Chuck in Foreground
Glimpse of Don at Rear
Bob & Amy
, Emily and Carol
Al & Bonnie
Pam & Kate
Carole & Clara
, Emily, Carole, Al & Bonnie
Ronnie (left) & Friend
Al, Mike & Bonnie
Pattie & Carole
Amy, Richard & Marvin
Marvin's Birthday
Kathy with Mum, Muriel
Mike & Joyce
Al & Bonnie
Bill & Meryl
Chuck & MJ
Christmas Lights
Trolley Ride
Christmas Film
During November, the Board of Officers met to discuss and make arrangements for the coming Christmas Season, the Annual Meeting in January 2016
and, of course, to set in motion plans for our St David's Day Banquet on March 1st, 2016 - the 'Jewel in the Crown' of the Society's events.  Keep
checking this site for details.
The Beautiful Nativity
Santa's Coming!
Who's on the Trolley
The Gingerbread House
Amy introducing
the film at Gulf
Gate Library
Bob & Amy