We'll Keep a Welcome

Far away a voice is calling,
Bells from memory chime
Come home again, come home again,
They call through the oceans of time.
We'll keep a welcome in the hillside.
We'll keep a welcome in the Vales
This land you knew will still be singing
When you come home again to Wales.
This land of song will keep a welcome
And with a love that never fails,
Well kiss away each hour of hiraeth
When you come home again to Wales.
Black Mountains
Performed by Bryn Terfel
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Annual Meeting and Gymanfa Ganu
John leading the singing with
his wife, Mona, at the piano
and his children singing.
Arrangements for the St David's Day Banquet on March 1st are continuing and the Annual Picnic will take
place on October 23rd this year.
We value your feedback so let us know how you would like to see our Society move forward into the
future.  Volunteers are always welcome!
Gymanfa Ganu
After the Gymanfa and
Annual Meeting ...
The Luncheon
Jim, Jackie, Renny, Susan, Cathie,
Olga, Bernie
David J, Eleanor, Sue, John, Bob,
Nancy, Anne
Kathy, Roy, David Lynn-Jones
(right front) with friends
Lorraine, George, Delana, Alvin, Carol,
Amy (President), Bob
Pat, Bonnie, Al, Don, Kim, Gary,
Ronnie, Muriel
Our second Gymanfa Ganu in the history of this Society was a resounding success with over 50 people
attending.  The singing was again led by Dr John Garrison who was accompanied on the piano by his wife,
Mona.  This was followed by an outstanding luncheon provided by The Glenridge and Grace was said by
Chaplain, Bob Griffiths.
After the formal business had been attended to, discussions went on to offer suggestions for events our
members would like us to organise for the coming year.  Our highly successful Sunday Brunches will
continue along with outings to see local plays etc.  Other suggestions included rugby events, Pub Nights,
the Dragon Boat Festival and wine tasting to mention just a few.  
Click on the link below to see all the
Another fantastic evening was had by all who attended our St David's Day Banquet
on Tuesday, March 1st which took place at the spectacular Heritage Oaks Golf and
Country Club, Sarasota.  The evening began with a welcome by our President,
Amy Ferrell and a prayer by our chaplain, Bob Griffiths.  A greeting in the Welsh
language was given by Meryl Fell and the Master of Ceremonies, David J Rees,
conducted us smoothly through the evening with Jack Jacobs leading us singing
the three National Anthems, accompanied on the piano by Susan Lewis.       
During the meal we were entertained by the
Jazz Ensemble
Sarasota High School’s Admirals Band.  
What a talented and personable group of young
people.  The young waiters and waitresses who
served our dinner looked splendid dressed in
the Welsh national costume.  Two of our guests
celebrated birthdays at the event.  The 50/50
raffle was organised by Amy's daughter,
Carolyn, helped by Ronnie and was won by
Penoake Browning.
Our fabulous serving staff -
what good sports!
Jazz Ensemble from
Sarasota High School’s
Admirals Band
Later in the evening Mr Jack Jacobs talked to us about
“The Influence of Welsh Music Throughout the World”.  
We learned some very interesting facts about how the other
Welsh hymns for use in their churches and chapels.  He then
led us in singing several songs as well as forming a 'little
choir' of singers familiar with the Welsh language.  This was
followed by David (without the J) Rees announcing the 2016
Scholarship Recipients.
The evening concluded with the Rev.Glenn Weaver giving the benediction and, on
leaving the banqueting hall, each guest was given a fresh daffodil, courtesy of our
Society, as well as a bag of 'goodies', courtesy of the Welsh Development Board.
It is safe to say that our celebration of St David's Day would have made our
Patron Saint very proud.
Group of our 'little choir' of
Welsh language singers
Jack Jacobs, speaker and
song leader
David Rees, Trustee, entertains us
with some funny Welsh stories
Mother of Kyle who was
a recipient of the
Scholarship Fund
Jim Fountaine's son Tim
celebrating his birthday
Representative from the
Caledonian Scottish Society
Matt Hall, President of Welsh Society
St Petersburg
These couples came all the way from
Maesteg, South Wales!
Food, Glorious Food!
Al and Bonnie
Meryl and Bill
David and Sandra
With a Song in our Heart!
Nancy Valenti (centre) - Five
generations of the family
Susan Lewis at the piano with
Amy making announcements
Carolyn, Amy and Bob
Colin and Dianne
Wales, Saint David
  • Friendship, Fellowship and Song
  • Wonderful Food
  • Excellent Entertainment
Memorial Day
May 31, 2016
The Sarasota Welsh Society was well represented with 12 members
attending the Memorial Day Service in Arcadia.  During World War II, young
RAF cadets who died whilst training in Florida, were honoured by the laying
of wreaths by many Societies in the area.
... and afterwards, a step back in time
and a delicious lunch at Mary Margaret's
Tea and Biscuit Tea Rooms.
Visual and Performing Arts
Twenty two members and guests of our Society attended the
Booker High School spring play, PIPPIN.  We were wowed by the
excellent performance of these talented students with their
acrobatics, dancing and singing.

Prior to the performance we enjoyed a meal in the school
cafeteria provided by Carrabbas Italian Restaurant of Sarasota.
Don in the foreground with
Ronnie to his right in pink
Our Welsh Dragon and
Daffodil Wreath
Meg, Amy, Bill and Meryl
Meg and Ronnie
Amy with our second wreath
Amy and Meryl laying the wreaths
The raising of the British flag
Eleanor and David J
Two smart hosts
Our delightful waiter
Eleanor, David J, Amy and Meg
My next car
We finished off the day with a visit to the Sarasota National Cemetery
where we paid our respects to all those who lost their lives for our freedom.
Our Group
Meryl and Bill
Visitors from Wales
joining our group
Turtles on Little Sarasota Bay

Our first Sunday Brunch of the season was
attended by almost 40 people.
It may be hot outside, but that didn't stop us
'chilling out' with friends in beautiful
surroundings overlooking the bay.

We enjoyed a delicious meal which included
a free Mimosa or Bloody Mary drink and then
we socialised with many friends, as well as
the opportunity of welcoming members of the
Scottish Caledonian Club of Sarasota.
June - Mehefin
July - Gorffennaf
Second Sunday Brunch
D'Arleen, Dor, Bob, glimpse of Amy,
Charlie, Jane, Bob & Pattie
Jim, Kate, Pat, Rhiannon, Carol, Jackie &
David J
Charlie, Jane, Bob, Pattie, D'Arleen,
Dor, Bob & Amy
Patricia, Ken, Bonnie & Al
David Triggle, Anne Cavanagh, Alex Scott,
David Lynn-Jones & Muriel
The second summer Sunday brunch was, again, well attended by members and guests of the Society.  We welcomed
some new guests who enjoyed the good company and happy atmosphere of the afternoon.

These gatherings provide an opportunity to update everyone on up and coming events as well as hear suggestions about
what you would like us to put on in the future.

Apologies for not getting everyone in the photographs, but we know you were there.
August - Awst
Amy with playwright
Llewelyn Jones
Muriel and Meryl
Rear, the Compere
(sorry, no name)
Muriel with playwright
Llewelyn Jones
Amy and Muriel
On August 23rd, four members of our Society spent an enjoyable evening
beginning with a delicious meal at Libby's Restaurant, Sarasota before
watching the contemporary play 'Why Can't I Be You' written by Welsh
playwright, Llewelyn Jones.

The plot surrounds a rock star who wakes up to find an intruder in his room who
has apparently been stalking him for many months.  After much manipulation by
the stalker the rock star finally gives in to his demands but this poses a myriad
of questions such as: what we think we want in life, is it what we really need?  
This multi-faceted play explores many thought provoking avenues in our journey
of self discovery.  Well worth watching.

Llewelyn Jones is the winner of the 2015 New Play Festival,
On August 13th, three
members of the Society (Amy,
Bob and Muriel) attended a
wonderful version of the film
'The Man Who Would be King'
at the Ringling Museum of Art.
If this kind of event appeals to
you, let us know and we will be
happy to arrange further film
Raffle Winners
PS:  That's not Meryl's
scraggly hair, it's the fringe
September Sunday Lunch - Beckham's on the Trail

As summer fades away we gathered at Beckham's Restaurant for the last of our Summer Brunch/Lunch events
where we spent an enjoyable couple of hours meeting and greeting new people as well as catching up with old
friends.After lunch, Amy made a couple of announcements including an up and coming Celtoberfest at the
Sarasota Fairground on October 29th.  We rounded off the afternoon with some Welsh singing, lead by Don.

Little Sarasota Bay
August 28, 2016
Rosemary & Tony
Donothy & Marilyn (left) and general view
Anne & David, Ronnie standing behind
Anne & Alex
Bob & Charlie
Herb & Meg
Kate & Carol
Charlie & Jane
Chuck with grandson, Evan
What a wonderful gathering we had at the August Sunday Brunch with 30 members and guests attending.  Amy
distributed a list showing all the Welsh Gold and Silver medallists from the Rio Olympic Games and we raised our
glasses to honour them with a congratulatory toast.

After lunch we had a raffle with prizes contributed by members Rhianon and Pat Hardy and Don Hughes, which were
eagerly received by the winners.  Mention was made about considering a change of venue for our final Summer
Sunday Brunch in September which might include organising a speaker and having some Welsh singing.  If you
have any suggestions then please contact Amy on 941-349-6069 or e-mail sarasotawelsh.com giving your ideas.
Chuck, Evan, MJ & Anne
Jane & Amy
(sorry I got you fuzzy Amy!)
Ken & Patricia
Anne & David (left) with
Anne Cavanaugh in orange
MJ & Anne
Cathie D'Ath:  Advances
Marilyn Blausten:  Book on
the history of coal
Kate Prugh (background): Book, 100
Famous Welshmen
Rosemary Kenyon (foreground): Book,
Welsh Fever on the activities of the
Welsh in the United States and Canada
Patricia VanRiper:  
Advances Magazine
Anne Scott:  Magazine showing latest
science, technology and engineering
developments in Wales
Marge DeBlock: Pins     
Ronnie Crain: Biscuits
September - Medi
Welcome to our Caledonian friends:
Left: Bob & Shona
Right: Manning & Edith
Left to Right:
Barbara, Mary & Ann
Amy standing in the background.
Left to Right:
David, Cathie & Tom
Some of 'The Group'
Cathie & Tom
Ann & David
Judy & Meg
Bonnie & Al
Manning, Edith & Pat
David, Barb & Penny
Don, Ronnie & Muriel
Patricia & Ken
Ann, Amy, David, Barb
& Jane
Pat & Rhianon
Charlie & Jane
Phil & Maureen
Raffle Winners
Science Advances in Wales
Book on Wales
Welsh Lady (but it's difficult to see)!
Don leads the singing
Rhianon & Muriel
Waiting for a 'bus - perhaps!
October - Hydref
Picnic 2016
Click on the photograph to see the slideshow of the Picnic
On Sunday, October 23rd, we enjoyed another successful Annual Picnic at Turtle Beach Pavilion
share which we all enjoyed, along with the BBQ food provided by our Society.

There were games and 'goodie bags' for the youngsters and it was wonderful catching up with
friends just returning to Florida for the cooler winter months.

Lance Disley gave an amazing account of a journey on a steam train in Wales and we look forward
to hearing the conclusion of the journey when we next meet.  Geoffrey Pool, from Leicester,
England, explained to us the complexities and possible outcome of the UK's Brexit from the
European Union and Amy talked to us about up and coming events.

Importantly, we paid tribute to the victims of the Aberfan disaster.  Our thoughts and prayers are
with the community and the long suffering survivors of this terrible tragedy.  

We rounded off the afternoon with traditional Welsh singing, led by Don Hughes.  Another happy
day with memories to share for many years to come.
November - Tachwedd
Theater Performance
Fourteen of us attended the Sarasota High
School production of "Miracle on 34th Street"
before Thanksgiving, and enjoyed socializing
afterward at Cafe Baci during a delicious dinner.