Social Get-Togethers
Performed by Thomas L. Thomas
Llwyn Onn

Ym Mhalas Llwyn Onn gynt, fe drigai pendefig,
Efe oedd ysgweiar ac arglwydd y wlad;
Ac iddo un eneth a anwyd yn unig,
A hi nôl yr hanes oedd aeres ei thad.
Aeth cariad i'w gweled yn lân a phur lencyn,
Ond codai'r ysgweiar yn araf ac erch,
I aethu'r bachgennyn, ond gwyrodd ei linyn,
A'i ergyd yn wyrgam i fynwes ei ferch.

Rhy hwyr ydoedd galw y saeth at y llinyn
 'r llances yn marw yn welw a gwan;
Bygythiodd ei gleddyf trwy galon y llencyn,
Ond ni redai cariad un fodfedd o'r fan.
Roedd golud, ei "darpar", yn hen ac anynad,
A geiriau diweddaf yr aeres hardd hon,
Oedd, 'Gwell gennyf farw trwy ergyd fy Nghariad
Na byw gyda golud ym mhalas Llwyn Onn.'

The wind through it playing has language for me.
When over its branches the sunlight is breaking,
A host of kind faces is gazing on me.
The friends of my childhood again are before me,
Each step wakes a memory as freely I roam.
With soft whispers laden its leaves rustle o'er me,
The ash grove, the ash grove again alone is my home.

My lips smile no more, my heart loses its lightness,
No dream of the future my spirit can cheer,
I only would brood on the past and its brightness,
The dead I have mourn'd are again living here.
From every dark nook, they press forward to meet me.
I lift up my eyes to the board leafy dome,
And others are there looking downwards to greet me,
The ash grove, the ash grove alone is my home.
attend and lots of new faces as well.  After we had eaten, we were entertained by Olwen Hughes-Poole
and her story about three drunken Welshmen - which was appropriate for the venue we were at!

The written quiz was won by the joint efforts of Olwen and Geoff Poole and the picture quiz was won by
David Rees.  In fact, the Rees family were on a roll because they also won the main raffle prize and
more!  Other prizewinners were Pam Edmunds, Bonny DeFiore and Alan Clarke.

The whole evening had a good ambience and it was lovely to see new and old interacting so well
together.  We hope to see even more attend the next social evening when we can all indulge in our Welsh
Pub Night - May 12, 2011
Click on the photograph to see a
Our Pub Night at the Red Lobster
Restaurant was great.  Don Hughes
brought visitors from Wales and,
after a brisk meeting and a good
meal, we were entertained by David
Rees on some hilarious moments at
past Banquets.
     Then ... it was MJ's turn who told us a funny story of how Wales is sometimes
mistaken for Whales.  We had a quiz which was won by David and Sandra Rees and
the 1st Prize in the Raffle was won by Clara Edmunds.  The runner up in the Raffle
was Anita Alison, who was one of our Welsh visitors.  It was agreed Night Out.
Spanish Pointe Marina
and cool sea breazes.

The manager of the Spanish Point Marina
accepted our Welsh National flag and he
will be proudly flying it alongside flags of
other nations.

Certainly a place to return so keep
checking this website for our next event.
Friday, March 11, 2011
spoke to us about her experience in Wales as a Fulbright
student and how she was impressed, not only by how beautiful
Wales was, but how friendly the people were towards her.  She
was fortunate enough to meet Carwyn Jones, first minister of
Wales.  Ila was so impressed with Wales that she is happy to
continue her Welsh 'education' back here in Sarasota and we are
privileged to have her as our 'adopted' Welsh friend.
We were also entertained by Rhianon Hardy telling us an amusing story about her time as a
nurse in the Emergency Clinic in West Africa and Don Hughes gave an account of the Gymanfa
Ganu in Cleveland.
We were happy to welcome new members to our Society, Barbara and Roger Hughes-Sebring,
cousins of Don Hughes and also Chantelle and Adam Jenkins from North Wales.
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Pub Night - September 18, 2011
Friday, October 14, 2011
Spanish Pointe Restaurant, Sarasota
Twenty three people attended this event and had a
very enjoyable evening as the sun set on the bay.
Our Welsh flag waving in the
wind had become a victim of
summer storms so Don Hughes
presented the owners with a
new one.
was a band playing which did
inhibit us a little to chat and you
know how the Welsh like to talk.