Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah

Guide me, O Thou great Jehovah,
Pilgrim through this barren land.
I am weak, but Thou art mighty;
Hold me with Thy powerful hand.
Strong Deliverer, Strong, Deliverer
Be Thou still my strength and shield
Be Thou still my strength and shield

Open Thou the crystal fountain,
Whence the healing streams do flow;
Let the fire and cloudy pillar
Lead me all my journey through.
Bread of Heaven, Bread of Heaven
Feed me now and evermore
Feed me now and evermore

When I tread the verge of Jordan,
Bid my anxious fears subside;
Bear me through the swelling current
Land me safe on Canaan's side.
Songs of praises, songs of praises,
I will ever give to Thee
I will ever give to Thee
Performed by Pendryus Male Choir
Y Senedd - Welsh Assembly - Cardiff
Cwm Rhondda

Wele'n sefyll rhwng y myrtwydd
Wrthddrych teilwng o fy mryd;
Er o'r braidd 'rwy'n Ei adnabod
Ef uwchlaw gwrthrychau'r byd:
Henffych fore! Henffych fore!
Caf ei weled fel y mae.
Caf ei weled fel y mae.

Rhosyn Saron yw Ei enw,
Gwyn a gwridog, hardd Ei bryd!
Ar ddeng mil y mae'n rhagori
O wrthddrychau penna'r byd ;
Ffrind pechadur! Ffrind pechadur!
Dyma'r llywydd ar y mor.
Dyma'r llywydd ar y mor.

Beth sydd imi mwy a wnelwyf
Ag eilunod gwael y llawr?
Tystio 'r wyf nad yw eu cwmni
I'w gymharu a'm Iesu Mawr.
O! am aros! O! am aros!
Yn Ei gariad ddyddiau f'oes.
Yn Ei gariad ddyddiau f'oes.
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Photograph courtesy
Geraint Thomas
Hero's homecoming for
Tour de France winner
Thousands of people lined the streets of Cardiff as Wales officially welcomed home Tour de France winner Geraint
Thomas.  The 32-year-old was congratulated by First Minister Carwyn Jones at the Senedd in front of more than
3,000 people in Cardiff Bay.  Thomas became just the third Briton and first Welshman to win the gruelling 21-stage
race which culminated in Paris.  He has been "blown away" by support as 8,000 fans lined Cardiff's streets.
"I'm used to racing in front of thousands of people but to walk out to this, this is bonkers," Thomas said."Thanks for
coming, I was a bit worried it was just going to be my wife and the dog," he joked as wife Sara and dog Blanche
watched in the cro



Asked what was next for him, the double Olympic track champion replied: "A few more beers!
"I thought the race would be harder, I felt pretty good. The race was a dream and couldn't have gone better."

But the Team Sky star, from the Birchgrove area of the Welsh capital, did have a word of advice for the young
riders watching around the world.  "Just follow your dreams," the 2014 Commonwealth road race gold medallist told
the crowd. "Do what you love to do. Anything is possible with hard work. You're always going to have hard moments
but if you really want to do something, go for it."  

Thomas follows in the footsteps of two other former Whitchurch High School pupils in being recognised in the city.
In 2012, then Welsh rugby captain Sam Warburton enjoyed a Grand Slam celebration at the Senedd, while Gareth
Bale and Wales' football heroes brought Cardiff to a standstill with a Euro 2016 homecoming after reaching the

Thomas's achievement also saw him immortalised in the same way as the great Welsh rugby players in the 1970s,
with performer Max Boyce penning a poem about him.

Cardiff council leader Huw Thomas said everyone in the city was "extremely proud" of the "landmark victory" while
Welsh Cycling's Anne Adams-King said cyclists from across Wales enjoyed sharing "this once in a lifetime moment".

To celebrate his historic win, a 10ft-high graffiti mural depicting Thomas in his yellow jersey has been painted on a
wall Maindy leisure centre overlooking the track used by the Maindy Flyers Cycling Club, where his love of the sport
began, aged 10.
Mr Jones, who joined Thomas on the steps of the Senedd, described the
triumph as "a stand-out moment in our sporting history".  "In politics you spend
a lot of time selling Wales to the world and Geraint has done more in 21 days
than I could've done in 21 years," said the first minister.  "From the whole of the
country, thanks for what you've done."  Thomas then cycled through the
packed streets of Cardiff, accompanied by a peloton of young riders, before he
took a stage outside the castle to speak to the crowd.
Geraint Thomas is thanked "on behalf of Wales" by
First Minister and Carwyn Jones
Geraint Thomas's family - wife Sara, father-in-law Eifion and brother-in-law
Rhys and pet dog Blanche - followed him around France
His parents were on the Champs-Elysees when Thomas crossed the finish
line in July and his dad Hywel said his son has the bragging rights over his
rugby star friends.  "I don't think the rugby players can touch his
performance," his dad said.  "They'll have to beat the All Blacks if they
want to be as good as Geraint winning the Tour de France!"  His mum
Hilary, meanwhile, said she had not seen much of her son since he won
the Tour.  "Hywel saw him yesterday but I was in work," she said. "It has
been like a whirlwind."  His dad added: "I think he's so tired now I don't
think he knows where he is!"
Geraint Thomas's parents Hilary and Hywel Thomas say their family
have enjoyed a "whirlwind" time since their son won the Tour de France
Legendary Welsh entertainer Max Boyce
penned a song about Thomas's Tour de
France win 'The Boy Who Climbed a Mountain'
Read the Poem written by
Max Boyce
The Boy Who Climbed
A Mountain
Courtesy of BBC News, Wales
For a full report visit:
Cardiff paid its tribute to Thomas by
turning City Hall turns yellow
There's a pillar box in Cardiff, where the mayor has arranged
To buy some tins of yellow paint, and have the colour changed.
And down in Cardiff city hall, I've heard the council say
We'll change the name of the Severn Bridge, to the Geraint Thomas Way.

Now Whitchurch High are justly proud, and they love to tell the tale
How he carved his name in the wood of a desk, like Warburton and Bale.
And where his yellow jersey hangs, beside the wooden beams
This boy who climbed a mountain, and dared to chase his dreams.

But there were some who doubted, 'he doesn't stand a chance'
There's never been a Welshman, who has won the Tour de France
But he's more then just a domestique, I've known it all along
The boy deserves a knighthood and his bike deserves a gong.

Now the Grogg shop up in Ponty, are working night and day
But people are complaining, there's such a long delay.
The kilns are full of Geraints, with a Welsh flag shouldered high
But people have to understand, his hair takes time to dry.

So I'll buy a Grogg of Geraint, though I know they don't come cheap
And I'll sell my one of Elvis, and one of Lynn The Leap.
'Coz when G rode through Paris, and he waved to all the crowd
He climbed more than a mountain, he made a nation proud.

So I hope it's fine next Thursday, to welcome Geraint home
They say the Pope is coming, he's flying in from Rome.
And Donald Trump is coming too, he said it should be fun
This guy deserves a medal, so I'll come on Air Force One.

So I hope it's fine on Thursday, but I think it's still in doubt
So Derek has suggested, we keep our brollies out.
So I'll stand outside the city hall, with its gilded marble dome
And sing like England soccer fans, that Geraint's coming home .
Thomas won two stages in the 2018 Tour de
France, including on the famous Alpe d'Huez
Courtesy of BBC News, Wales
For a full report visit: